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Sometimes decisions can be difficult and must be made after very careful consideration and appreciation that things change.  Post-COVID, the night shelter model was no longer appropriate as restrictions on room sharing had been established. 

Central Bedfordshire Council, like councils up and down the country, had to revise how best to support people who were vulnerable to homelessness. Funding was made available to local government and a system put into action which meant that the time had come to close the accommodation service we offered. 

We continue to support people, vulnerable to homelessness, who come to our door for advice and practical help.  We work closely with charities and organisations that work to support people vulnerable to homelessness. 

Felicity Cross, a local film maker, captured on film she made about the shelter, the sadness felt by all involved with the work of the shelter when the accommodation part of our service closed in February 2021.  Click Here For Felicity's Film  

Leighton Linslade Homeless Service is, as Paul Latimer stated at the end of the film, ‘going nowhere’, but the service we provide has changed and will continue to change in keeping with changing times. Sadly, the issue of homelessness continues to be of concern. 

If you or anyone who you know is facing homelessness or the risk of becoming homeless, please click on the homeless tag for where to find support and more information.

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